The Edible Garden

What’s it all about?

Since mid-2017 I’ve been turning my garden into a space that’s both productive and beautiful. The Edible Garden is not exclusively about gardening (or growing). It’s about feeling healthier in mind and body by getting better connected with food.

We all need food to survive, but food has much more than a functional role to play in our lives.

When I was growing up we always ate our evening meal together at the dining table. We’d talk about how our day went, share a funny story or help each other work out a problem. I didn’t realise it at the time but those daily get-togethers gave us an opportunity to naturally grow closer as a family.

Food is warmth. Food is love. Food is connection with nature and people. Food is fabulous!

Reasons to create your own edible garden:

  1. You will feel invigorated by getting outside and moving about a bit
  2. You will feel more relaxed as you slow down your mind and body by focusing on one activity and giving it your full attention
  3. You will enjoy varieties of fruits and vegetables that aren’t available in the supermarket – and that are far tastier
  4. You will be able to create fabulous wholesome meals for the people you love from the food you have cared for from seed to harvest
  5. You will inspire others to grow, cook and eat their way to health

I’ve only got a small town garden, but whatever space you have is an opportunity to create your own oasis of happiness. Even a balcony or windowsill can be transformed.

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