A bit about me

I’m on a mission to help people grow, cook and eat for improved physical and mental health.

I want to inspire people to prioritise food every day. We all need food to survive, but food is so much more than fuel. It can teach us how to: connect with nature, connect with people, behave mindfully, feel grateful, create pleasure, take risks, build confidence and be happy. Not bad, hey?


I used to work long hours in an office. I spent a lot of time sitting down, looking at a computer screen and commuting. I got a lot of headaches and went through a brief period of mild depression.

After 12 years in sales & marketing I decided to leave office life behind me. The only problem was that I wasn’t quite sure what to do next…

…then three things happened:

  1. In 2016 I went on holiday to Cornwall and visited the Eden Project. Their mission is to highlight our connection and dependency on nature. Eden opened my eyes to all of the wonderful food growing in our world and how important that resource is to our survival – both physically and mentally.
  2. After Eden I went off and did some volunteering and lived with a family who had a vision of being self-sufficient. Nearly every meal we made involved using a bunch of delicious home-grown herbs. We cooked together. We ate together. We felt closer to each other. We felt good.
  3. In mid-2017, inspired by Eden and my volunteering, I started growing some food in my own front garden. An allotment wasn’t for me – I wanted something on my own doorstep that would start a conversation about food. I also relished the challenge of turning my small town garden into something both productive and beautiful. I called my project: The Edible Garden.

What I’m doing now

The Edible Garden project is still running and I’m now beginning to work with local schools to help children get closer to food from plot to plate.

Other stuff

When I’m not doing something related to food I can be found with my head in a good book, running or learning Spanish.

Work with me

Do you want to feel healthy in mind and body? Then let's go on a food adventure together.

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