A bit about me

I used to work in an office. Now I don’t.

Just before I left office life behind me I started to get interested in lots of self improvement stuff.

Then a couple of things happened:

  1. In 2016 I went on holiday to Cornwall and visited the Eden Project. The trip turned out to be more than just a day looking at plants. Eden had a message: we are inextricably connected with nature and that connection makes us feel good inside.
  2. After Eden I went off and did some volunteering and lived with a family who had a vision of being self-sufficient. One of the best things about that trip was the herb garden. Nearly every meal we made involved using a bunch of freshly picked herbs. It made me feel so happy making a delicious meal for people using ingredients straight from our own garden.

Since then I’ve become fascinated with how connecting with nature can make us feel happy, content and propel us to achieve amazing things.

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